Why Hire a General Contractor for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling?

Because a GC understands the full scope of work and is responsible for the entire process. Almost always, a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, tile person, flooring installer, demo guy, painter and cabinet maker/installer are needed.
Most jobs require permits. Regardless, a homeowner should only hire licensed, qualified firms.
Most people do not possess the knowledge or skill in selecting the right subs, checking their insurance, scheduling the work and understanding where responsibilities begin and end.
All products must be on-site when needed, delays increase costs. A homeowner who takes on the project and tries to hire everyone on their own is setting themselves up for major heartache and budget overruns.
GC's offer turn-key services, ONE person to talk to, ONE person responsible for ALL components, ALL work, ALL quality and ALL cost controls.
The kitchen and bath operations only perform the cabinetry and installation. For instance, just a new counter top involves demo, a counter top mfg., purchase and delivery of sink, disposal, and faucet. The sink must go the counter top mfg. so they can cut the opening.
A plumber is needed to install faucet, disposal and dishwasher (and many times an electrician to connect the disposal and dishwasher). If every thing goes perfectly, this is a 10 working day operation from template to usable sink. Not many homeowners possess the ability to get an electrician and plumber to show up when needed. These specialty trades do multiple jobs for their contractors, who get first choice of their time, except for emergency issues. Homeowners only hire them once.
Another example, if a drain pipe is put in the wrong place and it is not discovered until after cabinets are installed, who is responsible? Who will show up, timely and make the corrections without charging?
GC's have multiple sources for product information, monitor remodeling trends, regularly attend seminars to stay current with government regulations and have retained the "best of the best" sub's and vendors.
Homes built prior to 1978 require an EPA Certified Renovation Firm to perform any remodeling work where more than 6 sq. ft. of interior surfaces will be disturbed. For exterior work, such as painting, window replacement, etc. the minimum limit is 10 sq. ft. of surface area being disturbed. (There are severe penalties for anyone remodeling homes built prior to 1978 that are not certified by the EPA.)

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