You are evaluating what could be your 2nd or 3rd largest investment of a lifetime. So
why not take the right steps?

Evaluating Your Home Remodeling Investment

1 Write down your goals/reasons for doing the project, discussing with your significant other so that you both are in at least 80% agreement before contacting remodeling specialists such as King Contracting. Do you have a budget? If not, do some homework, there are numerous websites that give remodeling cost averages for different parts of the country (we’ll give you some here). If your budget is developed by watching HGTV, please do your homework!
2 List all your ideas, dreams, wants and needs. They will evolve as you move thru the process because space constraints come into play, new products are discovered, budget and other factors are realized.
3 Call us to schedule a free consultation; 727-410-9829 or contact us via e-mail, click here
4 We’ll come out to interview you so that we can learn and understand your goals and needs. It works to your benefit if you have your written wish list and sketches, even if on a paper napkin. (we will work with your architect/designer if you have already have taken that step) During that consultation you should ask your contractor (King Contracting, we hope!) many questions. This is IMPORTANT Click here to see those
5 Confirm licenses and call their insurance
agent; here are links to confirm licenses:
Pinellas County:
6 Presentation by Contractor (again, we hope it’s us!). For smaller jobs, there may be a set price and you are ready to move to the contract stage. For larger projects, a budget range will be presented along with a written scope of work. Because further design and development activities are needed, a Client Development Agreement must be entered into along with a small financial commitment. This will ensure that proper protocol is followed so that we can accurately price the project to meet your desired end result. Click here to see cost averages
7 Drawings, plans and 3D modeling along with virtual walk-thru (where applicable) are created and the project price is confirmed.
8 Design tweaking, changes occur and final design is developed. Price adjustment made, if any, based on changes. Scope of Work, Design Selection List with Allowances and plans are presented. All plans, etc. are the property of the owner.
9 Execute Construction Contract, production schedule is presented, permits applied for (where applicable), materials ordered.
10 Construction begins!
11 Completion phase – complete all inspections for permitted work and perform a walk-thru for final approval. Upon clearance of final payment, you will receive Contractor’s Affidavit and our 24 month warranty certificate!

Because Your Home Is Your Castle

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